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Monday, May 1, 2017

Corner Basement Under the Stairway New Artists Studio Idea, Fresher Artist's Home Studio Tips

 Fresher artist, newbie artist , The new artist has very little choice for working in a studio. Most times we have to make do with whatever little space available at home, we can form a home studio. Every artist dreams of their personal artist studio where all art and materials can be stacked and they can at any time come and continue with their work. Over the years,  having a lot of trouble with assembling all my art materials every time I finish painting. This not only breaks the "moment" but also is tiring and messy. But those days were precious, sitting in small corner with dim lights and making art, cubism small sized artworks...the tray that holds my precious paints tubes, brushes...the cupboard shelves and drawers, that had my paintings....quite some progress in seventeen years with seriously making art, yet not achieved any private place , working from my home studio. Quite organized and each thing has a place of its own!  Frames deck up our home walls, as you enter it mesmerizes guests to see all Walls covered with art, symbols, healing art, feng shui art... , and art forms a major part of my life! 
With ideas for creative artists studio, home studios are best as you can also pay attention to your family and work with your art.   with all walls covered with my art, the present artist studio  is our home,  is a big art gallery space of 1000 sq feet and art is displayed on every wall! continuing making art in the seventeenth year with seriously painting. My studio is a corner with tables, cupboards and a storage makeshift sofa that holds all my precious pieces of my soul! 
Creative artists studio ideas-
1 ) Use empty corners, spaces unused, and less traffic spaces in your home and make your artists studio.
2) lobby or basement does come in hand. A beautiful studio can be developed using the basement area which once used as a dumping ground.
3) Arranging canvases, drawing boards, brushes and art materials in makeshift tables or stands helps as a first step to begin ones artist career. Nowadays we get second hand furniture and distress sale furniture that are almost as new, grab the deals! 
4)Lighting fixtures in  your artist studio. Studio in the basement , an very important factor in producing good quality art is adequate lighting. Yes natural lighting is important but if you don't have , put up enough bright lights to work .  Most of the basements, corners of rooms are dark and gloomy so it is advisable to get the correct form of lighting fixture attached. I have two big lights as well as a table lamp for focused nightlight. I love white light as it shows off colors naturally.
5) If you are lucky you may have an air vent or small window if not it is advisable to fit an exhaust fan to keep the air purified.

The Young Guitarist Punk Rocker

Paints emit fumes and also need air for drying so it is important to have good lighting and ventilation in the basement studio. Good for em , we have french windows, but I prefer to work in closed spaces as their is too much disturbance from outside and also terrace pent houses have a lot of heat! which I cant tolerate due to migraines. But fresh air is essential to keep the chi active in your artists' studio. 
For the fresher artist , the newbie artist make your studio space well organized. Cleaning thoroughly the basement and arranging the stacked art materials and furniture is the first step towards creating space. Cleaning the clutter, that which has not been used for more than five years according to Feng Shui has built up of negative energies and this hinders the progress of an individual.  
6) Surround your self with symbols of art! this helps yo to amke great art. Motivation, inspiration, creative energies, do look up my feng shui simple cures blog for creative luck. Be sure your artists studio has no blank white walls and are never empty! Well an artists studio must show off that which is its purpose, paints, canvasses, frames and art! 
7) Keep the feng shui active! Keeping fresh flowers and plants helps to make the environment clean and lively. The bamboo plant is supposed to be very lucky and requires very little maintenance. 
8) Internet connection  and Laptop, most essential today in your artists studio! Connecting the phone helps the artist to get contacts and orders for art works. 
9) Curtains and upholstery items can be colorful to avoid the gloomy feeling of the basement. Don't  worry with making art you get colorful curtains and bed spreads , all naturally by splashes, sprinkling ,dripping , pouring techniques in painting. 
And finally do put up a name plate at the entrance of the basement , your corner, or your room in home studio, to define your work area where your rules work!
Thank you for coming by The Red Pilgrim! 
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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