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Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Scientific art of Dna Healing Virus and Brain Health/ Does healing art change brain patterns and DNA? Can brain health and body health change with art?

System of DNA is very complex. DNA deoxyribonucleic acid is the hereditary materials in human and almost all organisms beings.Nearly every cell in the body has the same DNA. Not going into too much science-the main important property of DNA is that it can replicate.
Mummification, the body preserved after death, seen in Egyptians does bring light to DNA remaining intact. The helix symbol has as interested since childhood while we studied cell and plants it does exists and controls so much of our body and life.
Researching and understanding the deep power of ancient symbols and making healing art
Contemporary Healing symbols energy art  

Triple coiled symbol a miracle symbol power switch

Reiki symbol Divine Balance writing correctly with proper flow.  video

Sigil markings for specific intentions
 read more in this post 
Meaning of karuna reiki symbols and 22 important Sigil painting links
Memories may be passed down through generations is proved scientifically. What we find out in Reiki sessions is a memory, a trauma, an incidence , an energy that has got stuck up or blocked and stagnating there thus bringing in diseases, chronic health issues and emotional outbursts. 
DNA art, customized healing art  is finding its place now in times of Corona Virus, Recession and souls longing to find their true purpose here on earth. Every healing painting is made especially for a particular individual.  Lots of researching, meditations, healing guided messages and following spirit guides there is a customized healing painting made with Reiki symbols, Sigil markings, ancient symbols, colours for specific chakras activation and harmony,making an amalgamation of energies to bring in faster results , results of change, leading to joy, good health and success.
Corona virus has brought life to standstill and while people and economy have stopped I continue to send healing through specific requests and short Reiki healing arts meditation videos on You Tube. The time that you must be feeling stuck up is a change that was predicted to come. there was too much mobile phones, too much radiations, too much lavish spending, lack of compassion, junk foods, family distances and lack of self love and care. What is "in thing" does not mean is specifically good for you, this is what everyone is now forced to stand still and understand.
Corona virus spread is one such step from the universe to bring us back to our soul purpose. How many things I can do without.
It is here that you can and have the opportunity to reprogram your mind. Utilize the time, spend some time with energy art meditations and you will notice immense benefits.
Video- live energy flow- Protection from Corona Virus healing arts meditation
Detoxification process assisting Reiki energy meditation video 
Reiki cancer patients after surgery healing arts meditation
Video games addictions Reiki healing arts mediation
Scientists prove that your brain and DNA can be reprogrammed.  Brain growth can be facilitated by visuals and words. texts help the brain to receive clear messages of how to act upon.
DNA artists are visionary artists who by intuitions follow their calling and make art specifically for particular souls.
There is the 22 days ritual. Do anything for 22 days at a stretch and it is easy to form the habit. With the help of symbols, colours and texts, words we can easily reprogram the thought processes, the brain, redirect the mind to listen and tame the monkey brain.
Repeating the words, visualizing (The Red Pilgrim's healing art helps here for those who find it difficult to control their negative thoughts and emotions).
From letting your brain go haywire at such times, you take charge and direct your thoughts and your brain.
Medical science has proved long term expose to Reiki healing art and repeated messages to the brain shows changes in the DNA structure and thus this is a breakthrough for many major diseases that were fatal.
Alchemists did that! Alchemy brings change. and alchemists with their formulas and symbols were known to bring about change. Alchemy is a vast study and has been sued since ancient ages to bring progress. Video-writing powerful alchemy symbol pentacle
What about soul mates? Is their DNA linked? connected? similar? science does have links here and on discussing and research yes, DNA of true partners and soul mates are similar or have  harmonizing energy of Yin and Yang. it is here that you feel so comfortable filling in the energy of your true soul mate. While elders believed that soul mates are made by destiny we now have scientific evidence of soul connections and past life karmic connections that make you meet specific people in this life.
Now we can say true love stories are made, way before the DNA starts to form. Somewhere it is true about soul companions for many lives.
Are you driving your wealth away?
A Reiki Master healing artist making art since year 2000, I  make personalized Reiki Sigil paintings healing cards. it is customized energy for you and an artwork unique and just for you! the process is so simple. you have to email your age, name, date of birth, and what you at present feel about life and your wish list. Be randomly free to ask for to the Universe just about anything your heart desires. There is no worry of anything going wrong, the Universe knows what is best for you and as I choose specific Reiki symbols for your healing art, Reiki flows to wherever it is required and in just the right amount.
  The effects with Reiki customized healing art will be seen-  will be joy, good health, feeling of being safe and protected, guided for life progress, clarity in life goals, handling relationships with love and compassion, accepting diseases and being led to best treatment modalities, self love and accepting yourself with the love you deserve, opening up money flow easily into your life, leading roles with confidence and new vitality. Simply put'a better quality of life" Best of both the worlds! Yes, you can have it all!
I do not promise your life will be a bed of roses, but I assure you life will be more beautiful and never the same! Your perspective will change! Your life will change!
As I write a symbol, I choose a symbol, I make lines with strong pure intentions they are given the message with DNA imprinted on them for the purpose.
Live Writing Sigil for working women for Work Home harmony balance.
Experience live Reiki energy flow here with this Sigil healing arts meditation video here for breaking money spells and opening the flow of wealth
What more it will be your best friend, your healing painting, made just for you, a unique one of  a kind, never to be repeated painting that will find a place in your home and your heart.
There is no limit to the size and options you wish your healing art to be made. it can go as larger to fill up an entire wall or as smaller as a Reiki card that can be carried in your purse or wallet.
As you heal the art will keep spreading its vibes and the joy will be felt by others who are near you too!
 Best Reiki healing art for office and feng shui activation will be a promise from the universe to assist and guide you in your work and professional life. Read detailed explanation of all Ba Gua sectors and harmful effects of incomplete Ba Gua 
Watch this live video of Detailed explanation of the Feng Shuii Ba Gua Map on my You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim
There is a way for you to collect good karma by gifting special people, friends, and family Reiki healing art. Email me with your budget and just share the The Red Pilgrim Gift card. There will not be any pressure on the receiver liking the painting, they will have their choice of colours, and special artwork made for them.
There is a Universe inside you. Healing paintings, symbols connect with the Divine energy, the source, the Universe. Assisting you to connect with your true self,guiding you at each step of the journey, protecting you and leading you to a fulfilled and improved quality of life. Your Universe in your room! A great destiny awaits you!
Home bound due to Corona, get your customized healing painting made by me, I will email you the image with explanation of specific symbols and energy intentions put up by me, take the print out and hang the art in your space, my Distance Reiki sessions will always be alongside bringing in energy as also from my healing art. trust the Universe, life will begin afresh!
Your's The Red Pilgrim!
The Red Pilgrim

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