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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another step of my spiritual journey Ajmer Sharif Sufi saint Dargah Jaipur Udaipur An Arty Treat Block printing Dyeing clothes technique

 Udaipur Jaipur Ajmer, the trip , was a spiritually enriching one. With the world famous Sufi saint shrine at Ajmer , blessings, the shrine has thousands of visitors daily and is the most visited shrine by people of all religions in the world.
Wherever I go the sighting of Elephant brings me immense happiness, elephants are symbols of Goodluck. And with my Best friend SpiritGuide Airavaat always supporting me, the White Airavaat sculpture in our hotel was a beautiful welcome to remind his presence.
You will see sculpture of elephants every where in Udaipur and Jaipur as these are considered very auspicious here and one of the favourite motifs in all printing and art.
At City Palace Udaipur

Sighting of Elephant on the way Udaipur
White Elephant My Airavaat My best friend
The Marble Elephant
Traditional Dhol Musical instrument of Rajasthan
Looking So Real at City palace!
Traditionally rich with heritage, culture, dresses and food, do take a guide along to understand better the history of these Amazingly beautiful places in Jaipur and Udaipur.
One of the most one of a kind experience was Saheli ki Bari with its natural fountains that were all year round showering with rain! The beautiful walk in Gulab baug with nostalgic sentimental old hindi songs, and the joy train Awesum!
Gulab Baug Udaipur

Hawa Mahal 
Been there did that! dress up with the traditional wear of Rajasthan and click! and eat the traditional food, try at home made and small bhojanalayas to get the real taste of the original Dal baati Churma!
Antique Pot City palace
It was a WOW! with so many antique pots, so so similar to my paintings! the paintings always come before, visualizations, dreams that are presented in my life later on.
Saw the famous block printing technique, so many wooden blocks, so simple , yet so beautiful and the colour does not bleed! It is so nice to see how the traditional dyeing and printing technique has been kept alive with this city , maintaining the culture and folk art of Rajasthan.
City Palace Udaipur

Dal Bati Churma Traditional dish of Rajasthan

Camel Buggy rides Dessert Udaipur

TaraGarh Fort Sufi saint Shrine Mira Shah Baba

Coloured Glass window City Palace Udaipur

View from the Top City Palace

Awesum Moments
Art and travel is so interlinked. Every artist must from time to time take a break and visit places rich with traditions and culture, it hits all the senses and increase creative juices, over flowing!
The technique of Block printing is Amazing!
Amazing Sheesh Mahal Glass Heritage Monument
Cloth, material, silk is taken and dyed with natural colours. Bright oranges, yellows and florescent pinks, vibrant reds. The blocks used are made from wood and carved with images. there are floral motifs, animals, birds and texts. The artists paint the fabric with hand using these wooden blocks. each piece of cloth has its unique design, as it is upon the artist to express their creativity.
Stamping Technique Hand Printing Jaipur
Wooden Block hand Printing Rajasthan
Beautiful Bandhani sarees and dress materials are avail with the traditional Ghagra Choli, that is also available in modern apparels as long skirts and printed tops and short kurtis, blouses. Gemstones and Coloured rocks , pearl moti necklace sets, are so Awesum, you will definitely add up to your jewellery collection!
For me, inspiration exists within and the happiness comes out on my canvasses! family trips are always so special and help in bonding.
My latest art collection done in August , Grandeur The Modern Airavaat
Grandeur The Modern Airavaat
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
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