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Monday, November 6, 2017

What is the Feng Shuii symbolism of Lines Hidden Meanings of Lines in Sacred Geometry

Lines of Healing
What is the meaning of lines? what do lines symbolize in feng shuii?
meaning of lines in sacred geometry?
Lines, the most important part of drawings, we all remember the connecting the dots game, I loved it, and lines here were so important. Dots are the beginning and they make lines. Lines take us into forms, shapes and directions.
Every line made by an artist has its own hidden symbolism.
In sacred geometry these lines are darts, rays, of healing energy. Lines are a collection of thousands of tiny dots with powerful energy stored in them.
In Feng Shuii we, healing artist's  use lines as feng shuii cures for progress , growth and wealth luck. Feng Shuii with its elements theory of five elements, earth, fire, water,metal, wood all are made with the base of energy of lines. You can call lines the mater strokes of healing. A line without any straight directions and having a pulsating strong force meets the other and makes a circle. A line with sharp directions goes and stops, turns, and makes a square , rectangle or triangle.
Lines have power and hidden symbolism. While spiritual texts are written with the base of lines, we see a lot of different types of lines, they are elaborate, twisted, curved, or ornamental. The intentions put up by the artist are what the lines will act on. It is always the intention of the maker of lines that gives meaning to the line.
Strong symbolism straight lines are sharp energy . In feng shuii we avoid sharp energy lines as it is believed that ghosts travel in straight lines. Hence you will see all structures, calligraphy and spiritual symbols written in flowy forms. even gardens and building structures are made in curvy and smoothed corners forms. I usually avoid writing straight lines in any forms. They are written with free hand , yet with discipline of form.
A line going towards the right indicates pathway , direction for career, goal setting, moving on the road.
A line going vertical , symbolizes vertical growth. Also indicates moving towards spirituality, towards the Universal life force, moving towards enlightenment, towards God. In a career graph straight lines are not good, it indicates sudden spurt of growth which is not according to the law of karma, you must show gradual progress, as straight up also may lead to straight down. Again here, sharp lines are not considered very good.
Do you make lines forcefully or lines are wavy, is it going in straight direction or shows irregular formations?  shows a lot about the personality of the line maker, the person.
Lines that go down, are at first glance negative energy. yes, they indicate downfall. That is the simplest meaning of down lines in any form. Sometimes when you consider hidden meanings in any art form you see down going lines in search of roots, in depth, strength, thus it depends upon reference to context where these down direction lines are made.
Lines heal and lines hurt. Lines help for progress and lines also bring downfall. The way you write date, signature, numbers, words, your lines take you towards your desires or take you away from it. A person may have strong dreams and great goals on paper but if he is writing slanted downward lines they will never allow him to progress in life. If you want to succeed in business and the numbers you have for your shop are not in feng shuii sync then lines can heal. I have seen wonderful changes with simple feng shuii lines in cases of number/numerical  blockages. I Just advice them, according tot heir birth date and lucky feng shuii number analysis,  to underline, or make a circle or make a strong line beside the number shows drastic changes in life happenings and success.
Lines in feng shuii have immense symbolism. basic energy with simplest forms of lines made by children has the most strongest energy as it is in sync with the universal energy. hence elders used to make children write wishes and ask blessings from the universe. It is really very interesting to analyse drawings made by children, they are expressive and have a lot of hidden symbolism, and what more you get to know what is actually going on in the head of your child. Children's drawings are an important part of art therapy and counselling and helps heal relationships, gives confidence to your child and eases her/ his stress.
Even for adults it is simply the way they write, make lines will show their thoughts and what they are going through in life at the moment.And also how they will progress. No wonder signature analysis, handwriting analysis and art analysis are fields that guide you to a better life if done correctly.
It is very interesting to analyse paintings and writings. Gives an in depth knowledge about the person and this intuitive analysis helps people to change their life for better.
Next time you see writings, scripts, words, or just by interest do look minutely over the lines. you will find interesting meanings and if you are the clairvoyant or intuitive type, spiritual type person , a jolly person or a negtaive thoughts person, you may also  find lines speaking to you!
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
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