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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Winged Heart Symbol Meaning and Symbolism of the Sufi Heart Symbol

Such an Awesum Beautiful symbol the Winged Heart always brings a happy response from viewing. Sufi heart is not just a symbol, it is a way of life. A submission to the higher force, allowing the higher Universe to lead and follwoign with out expectations of outcomes, actually being in the moment. Zen Buddhism also has the same goal, letting go of all controls and going with the flow. Sufi dancers are knows as dervishes and the spiritual dance is called sama, a trance wherein the sufi whirling sessions are guided meditations towards connecting with your enlightened higher self. No, I have not attended any sufi whirling sessions, I just keep on reading, lots of reading and then it comes out in my healing art. Yet the same lifestyle continues, I have more plant and bird friends than humans!
 Bringing about spiritual and personal growth with an open heart, and through quiet listening to our innermost desires at our spiritual center, we have the power to transcend.
Winged Heart Freedom

I dance to a silent Tune Rumi inspired healing art

Heart with wings 

Ascend with Elan

  By allowing our heart to be open to Love, rather than in resistance, we rise, expand and are free...The star, the crescent and the wings each have strong symbolism. 
The best part and symbolism of this winged heart is it is a live symbol. Wings bring out feelings of flight, growth and happiness,freedom. Motivation, confidence, and action. Another part I really love the symbolism is the star. It indicates action and unlike other symbols of a single dimension this symbol actually brings feelings of three dimensional action energy on viewing. 
  The shape of the Sufism symbolizes that the heart desires heaven. It is the basic food for soul, to reach the ultimate freedom. Joy, Happiness, Ecstasy, Optimism, Freedom! Simply viewing the symbol brings happiness. It is a symbol to heal the heart from within. Rather a place where all emotions exist. The most beautiful spiritual body part, Heart. Winged heart is a reflection of the individuals  ability to empty of self, allowing for the human and Divine to meet.  The crescent shape in the heart suggests the responsiveness and potential of the heart. Moving towards the right direction, one that takes us closer to the Universal energy of love, and acceptance. The crescent represents the responsiveness of the crescent moon to the light of the sun, for naturally it receives the light and develops into a full moon. Changes from a small crescent to a fully grown beauty, full moon. The explanation of the five-pointed star is that it represents the divine light. For when the light comes, it has five points. It is the divine light which is represented by the five-pointed star, and the star is reflected in the heart which is responsive to the divine light. Action, as also when the body is still... we see single line, no energy, a dead energy. Three points, two feet together and arms on side shows awareness, intelligence a beginning of action. Five points means feet apart and arms apart, complete action and movement of energy pulsating. The heart which by its response has received the divine light is liberated, as the wings show. In brief, the meaning of the symbol is that the heart responsive to the light of God is liberated.
Love Light and Happiness!
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