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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Benefits of Motivational and Spiritual healing Paintings Displaying motivational paintings benefits

Motivational and spiritual paintings are a part of healing paintings. Especially heal people having low self esteem,  poor concentration, anxiety, irritability and other behavioral problems. This I found was a most common soul sickness among many.
Wealth is another aspect for which every individual strives to achieve. Healing symbol artworks help one to focus on life goals and life purposes.   All material aspects in life try to pull you down. Keep questioning yourself frequently what you need and what you can do without. We have to overcome these baseless fears. The universe has love, money, energy, luck all in abundance and free. You just have to tap these potentials the right way. Unlocking this energy can be done by reiki and healing art. They can support any healing techniques to give better results. Specific symbols used for specific purposes and charged with reiki energy symbols help to focus energy on that particular aspect of life which needs healing and energy. Feng shui symbol paintings also help in this process and is one of the most commonly used  healing art.
Mehfil a musical instruments Healing painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Symbols for motivation can be anything that inspire us to work better and more. A growing green plant, a beautiful tall contemporary furniture piece and a tall pyramid all are symbols for upward growth.
While sports people are motivated by hanging artworks of racing cars, boating expeditions and travelling the musicians are inspired and motivated by looking at art with music and musical instruments or successful artists of their fields.
Motivation energy into any field is attracted by hanging artwork related to your field of passion. Hang this artwork in the north for career opportunities, north west for getting the right mentor (we all know how a great mentor, guide can make your life) and south for fame and recognition, which most artists crave for. 
Always the intentions are most important. Healing can only be achieved if you are willing to let go of your irrational fears and have faith in the life force. Faith can move mountains as it is said and though there may be limitations to our efforts there is no limit to God's Grace!

Symbols related to your field when hung in your work space will motivate you to work better and achieve more.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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