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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sharing an Awesum Healing Artist friend's Journey Kevin Orlando Lau Rainbow Artist

YES!! If I never have had that near death brain injury experience, I will never end up being an artist painting watercolour art today!! heart emoticon heart emoticon
Thank you deeply to Spirituality and Neuro-feedback technology for changing my life to the better!! the word right from am awesum artist! Kevin Orlando Lau!
Kevin Orlando Lau Rainbow Artist
Rainbow Artist Orlando L. with soul touching artworks 
I was mesmerized by the wonderful ink and paint 
swirls and so much deeper insights and meanings .   
you can view these awesum artworks on face book.
 I got in touch on face book l
in search of healing artists and what a beautiful human being and a pure soul Kevin!
Not only visually appealing but also soulful art one that brings 
out an emotional response.
" Hi, I’m Orlando. I’m an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) survivor from beautiful British Columbia Canada. After 16 years of fighting with my invisible disability, I finally transformed myself into a new artist in 2012. I never knew I could paint! In April 2012, I suddenly started watercolour painting during a 16-week Neurofeedback brain treatment. Since then, Art has been very healing for me and for my spiritual growth. My life has changed completely to a whole new positive direction. The journey I had wasn’t easy but it taught me that strength is not about muscle or a “perfect” brain. Strength and inner peace really came from within. In the end, some of the greatest pain became the greatest strength. Have faith in your dreams and go for it, the rest will follow and unfold itself as you go on"
Hat's off to this wonderful artist and Blessed to have you Kevin as a soul friend!
You can get in touch with this wonderful artist on Facebook page  
Life.. and we never know what each person's journey is all about, what each one is going through..let us spread love and positive energy around with our art!
Here's wishing Kevin All the Best and Have a Great Healthy and Artful 2015! God Bless from Rizwana!
While on this spiritual journey of The Red I continue to paint healing art...


  1. His kind blessings and words of appreciation on face book has brought tears to my eyes

  2. Genuine soul friend kevin is wonderful human being, and whatever he has gone through has made him stronger and more beautiful!


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