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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ba Gua Luck Complete Luck and Healing Living with Harmony Why to Display Symbols of Harmony of Elements

Ba Gua Luck Feng Shui Elements Painting
Symbols of harmony are really very much needed in this fast paced life full of stress and electronic vibrations. While the net and web has taken over our life as we are going farer away from mother Earth energies, Gaia blessings are more and more required today. For those who love Feng Shui and understand the importance of balancing the elements, we know how Feng Shui theory is based on the basic principles of harmony of elements. Things just fall into place and life becomes a smoother flow.
Feng Shui Elements Harmony Painting
 Balancing elements in harmony is not just to attract wealth and goodluck, but this brings a new soothing happy energy and also peace of mind that is the most sought after today. Feng Shui theory has particular colours, symbols, shapes and placement suggestions to help you bring your home and office space in harmony with nature, and once this happens you feel the positive changes.
Ba Gua is not only a guide but also when one deeply observes it this has the shape of Octagon, eight sided. The most auspicious number in numerology eight.
Colours can be effectively used to activate certain feng shui elements in spaces that will bring in energies to balance the space with nature.
Painting the Ba Gua my aim is to spread the happiness in homes and as the paintings will be displayed they will remain with the knowledge for years as a guidance to people. As and when people will require the knowledge, a deep understanding of life will be at a glance.
People often get so confused and it takes me a hard time balancing each element for them, Feng Shui is not just about a wind chime , a tortoise ring or a placement of any horse paintings!
Simplicity of Joy Ba Gua Luck Feng shui Painting
Display clear symbols in your surroundings if you want a clear focus on goals and positive goal achievements. Think of the Universe as a small child and then you will get it. People often add so many confusing paintings in their homes and then wonder why Feng Shui is not working for them! Simple clear focused symbolic paintings helps to send clear messages to the brain and the Universe.
Meanwhile on my art front is with the topic of Kundalini , influenced by my painting of year 2008, a whole collection of healing paintings that will assist in helping out a smoother easier way towards peace and Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini is a latent stored hidden energy which exists in coiled form like two snakes at the base of the spine in every individual.
While most people spend lives to get to this, meditations, exercises assist in Awakening the Kundalini. The energy is warm, white and comes from the base , moving from each chakra towards the crown and finally the spurt from the crown and spreads in our life and that of others surrounding us. Can be used for the benefit of others and self, with positive intentions. here a guide and spiritual teacher helps as thins begin to change and happen so fast that people start to  feel they becoming like demi Gods! 
Healing Reiki art assists in life by being just like a close friend, and helping in this transformations peacefully. 
The knowledge that has become so manipulated today and people are earning by any means, I am facing the same by people copying my art, copying my written texts as well as sending false inquiry and eating away my time as well as mocking in some way to my healing energies. Artists, please you can ask for advice, I will surely guide you as I do to everyone else. As followers keep increasing and emails, comments and queries, I am trying my best to connect and answer every email. But a request kindly send it in one message, respect my time and my healing art!   I still continue to make healing art...leaving symbols and knowledge that will benefit for many many years even when I am not there!
If you don't see any changes within three weeks after buying and displaying correctly  my healing art, return it!*
Ba Gua is an eight sided figure that has lines, fundamental principles of reality, interconnected. The center is the Yin and Yang symbol, all have to be placed correctly.and made with positive intentions. Colours activate each sector of life and for complete harmony and balance and attracting good luck all these colours are essential in life. So next time you buy something do give this a thought! wardrobe, wall colour, paintings, try to incorporate the colors of the Ba Gua!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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