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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Have You Cleaned Your Cupboard? How to Organize Cupboard with Feng Shuii Where to Put Healing Art

 Have you cleaned your cupboard? what a simple question, and yet one of the most powerful important one in feng shuii.  This is one of thee first points I ask my art lovers who email me for feng shuii advice for wealth and success. This cleaning, though a simple ritual has immense symbolism in feng shuii and you try it you will see drastic results in feng shuii energy.
What I mean to say is Have You Cleaned Your Cupboard of past symbols of failures? answer- we cleaned the house of some junk, but some files books remain , they may be of use later. 
Me- Well these files didn't help you for past few years so they surely will not now! at least organize your cupboard space and see changes faster.

What about wealth coming in they ask? flowing in? did you dry clean the function clothes and traditional costly attires hanging in your closet?  and are they functional? answer - that we do when we have to attend a function or occasion. Hence clothes are hung for some times, years in the cupboard without purifying or cleaning them. (well here you are preventing wealth, feng shui money from coming in). 
For changes some amount of effort from your part is required. 
Relationships begin to stagnate and there is reduced love among family- again one of thee reasons can be  closets and cupboards energy.
Then there is the wealth locker- the jewelry locker that needs to be cleaned and always keep a correct check on the jewelry and cash you have. So many times you have   old bills of exchanged jewelry or buy back offers, and receipts of things that are not present. 
Simply wanting to help you to bring in fresh energy and keep doing this. 
Make this a habit. Keep cleaning your cupboard in every few months and organize things well.
How to organize cupboard with feng shuii-
Today we have  a lot of organizers and space savers , use these modern furniture and space savers in your ward robe to organize things well. 
Important feng shuii tips of how to organize your cupboard with feng shuii- 
1) go with the flow. Things that are frequently, daily required must be kept in shelves that are easy to pick up. placing daily wear clothes on top most shelf is not practical if you have   to stretch every time to pick them up.
2) Clothes, Things that are important and yet not required everyday, like occasion outfits can be kept in top shelves.
3) Lockers must be organised keeping in mind the feng shuii prosperity sector of the locker space and placing the costly important pieces of jewelry here.  
4) Files, documents, property papers again must be placed in secure sections and be careful to keep a check on the accumulated old documents and files not in use or outdated. 
5) Under garments are special and indicate your self comfort and priority in feng shuii. Organize these and even socks and ties that are small clothes but need to be carefully kept. Tie two socks together in a simple knot, this will avoid the daily hectic energy waste in finding the right pair!
6) Shoes and footwear need to be organized as well. Don't cling to the tight shoes or costly sandals if they are not well fitting or bite.  Such simple actions accumulate negative energy and these space crunches affect your life adversely.
Affects with a disorganized cupboard can be seen in form of stress every day  wasting precious chi in searching for things, again and again finding old clothes in hand that are not required and putting them back,  old bills bringing old memories thus keeping you stuck up in past.
Special Reiki Feng Shuii cure paintings can be kept inside your cupboard and wardrobe to attract beneficial healing energies.
For also those people who have emailed me that they want to place healing wealth paintings iin the locker or wealth sectors coming in bedroom where they have their wardrobe, here  are suggestions.  Then also those few who have doubts that their family may not approve of healing art, only under very special circumstances (like relationships issues, marital problems, or spouse having anger and mental issues) , can place these beautiful small size Reiki energy artworks inside the cupboard in their personal section without showing anyone.
All healing art is always made with positive intentions and will never in any way bring any harm or ill effects on any of the other family members. 
People can also place small healing paintings in office drawers or personal cupboards at work space if they have wall constraints. Very small paintings  can be framed as side table art or stand alone frames that can be kept on your office table or put inside your personal drawers , where you can see them frequently to get the healing benefits.
You can email me with whatever type of feng shuii energy you feel is lacking and I can guide you better with choosing small healing art for your wardrobes and cupboards! specially do check out my Mini Chiclets of Goodluck! small healing art can be gifted and also placed anywhere for complete feng shuii  luck.
Thank you for coming by The Red Pilgrim!
Evil Eye Cure Feng shuii painting

Dream infinities Reiki healing table art

Feng Shuii TOWER of luck Razarts

All the Best from Rizwana!
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