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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bear symbolism in Healing Where to hang bear paintings Bear paintings of an Awesum Artist Fred Anderson

Bear a symbol of strength , power, and size have been prominently noted as strong and family animals from the story of Bears, Pappa bear, mama bear and baby bears, “who has been sleeping on my bed?” brings such happy childhood memories of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” awesum bedtime stories and were so often enacted as children plays and stage acts.  While a Papa and Mama bear would always go along with their family protecting and caring for them they also fight against enemies being together with their flock. And they love honey! I was actually scared from childhood as bears are so hairy, black and large in size!
And this brought me to an awesum artist who has painted bears, Fred Anderson and bear paintings  , the whole trip, journey and the tale, as if we all were a part of the bear family, learning something new with curiosity, excitement of getting admission to a school, farming,  enjoying a trip and searching for a job, all along with the bears! I loved the innocent happy emotions in every artwork that fred painted and these wonderful paintings go so well in children’s rooms and bedrooms. In todays hustle bustle when parents and children have gone away from the fairy tales of bears, these bear paintings bring back happy memories and provide healing support where they are displayed.  
Bear is a totem animal symbolizing strength. It acts as a powerful guide and helps in healing both emotional and physical.  Bears also symbolize leadership and taking lead energy. With strong guiding forces the bear animal supports growth and gives strength to face any adversities. Bear also is connected with shamanism. If you dream of a bear is seen then it is time for you to face confidently and start new ventures with confidence and support from the strength of this majestic sized animal. It not only attracts respect but also provides support form unknown sources.
Bears also symbolize the need for self awareness and healing. If you are the leader and confident one and want to have your own way, take responsibly for your actions bear spirits act as guide and support. They symbolize magical powers of healing as bears are known to heal themselves when injured. They also hibernate, bringing about the energy of intuitions, planning and long term goal setting. If you dream of a bear it is a message to do some deep thinking and soul searching and being confident.
Great energy and strength symbols with feng shui energy for success and confidence and these bear paintings go well in feng shui north east and north and west sectors. 
Fred Anderson

If you love bears, and I did not till I saw his happy bear artworks! Bear paintings check out Fred Anderson on Face Book!  Fred also paints awesum colorful abstract works . Fred Anderson check on ( All the Best Fred Anderson, Happy Painting!
God Bless from Rizwana!                                                                                                         

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