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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

8 Decor Mistakes in Choosing Clinics Hospitals Physicians Room Art Symbolism and Importance of Art in Healing Profession Clinics Feng Shui 8 Tips for Selection and Display

Heal Virus Reiki symbol healing art
Modern decor trends in clinics, hospitals and physician rooms has brought art into every space. Without much knowledge of  the feng shui and healing symbolism, your interior decorator may love and choose an abstract modern artwork for your pediatrician's  room! decor Healing art has immense energies to bring harmony in any space they are hung in  and heal the viewers. Feng shui paintings not only balance the elements but also Reiki energies beautiful symbols assist in fast recovery ,
Elegant Healing Reiki symbol healing painting
healing virus, chronic pains and is a proved aid in therapies. Physicians rooms , clinics, hospitals, therapy rooms all have become aware of the power of healing art and its importance. Going with modern decor trends people buy just what they like and hang these in their clinics and hospital rooms. People yet are not aware that paintings that emit good energy and symbolic value are great boosters in healing the patients and also helps in neutralizing negative energies. Not only do they buy just any paintings, they also hang them in wrong areas thus either making Feng shui mistakes or not utilizing the power of healing art on their walls in their therapy.
8 Mistakes in Choosing art for hospitals clinics and Cardiac , Pediatricians therapy rooms-
1) Flower paintings, are the most common and we see them hung in many clinics. Avoid too much water in paintings , water lillies, lotuses are good, but not with too much water, as water flows and in clinic we need strength and stable energy.
Reiki symbol floral healing art
2) Birds, flying are considered good feng shui so people buy bird paintings and hang for attracting more business. The profession of healing, doctors, physicians and clinicians must focus on the northeast and east sector. Bird flying in north are not such a good energy for healer rooms.
3) Landscape paintings with tall mountains peaks and water are again not such a good energy for healing rooms. It brings the impression of life as a tough struggle.
4) Children's clinics, Pediatricians rooms, most common mistakes, hanging toon paintings. Yes children love cartoon characters and comic characters but these artworks are only good for children's rooms and bedrooms. Healing rooms need colour paintings that bring in a soothing joy energy. Children also outgrow these , so it  does not always have universal appeal for all age group children's clinics.
Pediatricians rooms Children's Clinics  Colourful Feng Shui Healing Painting
5) Major mistake in choosing art for healing profession rooms, People choose any feng shui fish painting, and hang this near the entrance. Fishes swim in water, and water is wealth in feng shui, but the clinic room must have focus on healing patients, giving good healing results will automatically attract more wealth.
6) Baby Posters are so outdated, earlier in clinics we would only see fat babies ,chubby, displayed in hospitals and  physicians clinics. Not such a good energy as real babies do not come in this type, also very tricky feng shui sector ,wealth sector if this is hung, your business will always be on a primitive, level. And you will face struggles in growing your business and wealth.
Peace Reiki symbol Healing Painting
7) Most dangerous mistake, abstract irregular art. Distorted body parts, broken images, incomplete figures are a major producer of shar energy. Not only do they have imperfect feng shui energy they also send wrong messages to the universe and the brain of viewers.
Yellow Therapy rooms Reiki symbol healing art
8) You love horse paintings! It is best to avoid horse energy in clinics and hospitals. They have a strong energy and are not always good for patients ,especially cardiac rooms and children's Pediatricians  rooms, and kidney and cancer clinics.
 Art on walls in healing rooms has strong symbolism and can assist in faster healing and bringing peace and acceptance in patients. Every physician wants to see a smile on their patients face, and even with chronic diseases it is good to see patients accepting and taking treatment willingly thus bringing in healers intentions and the Universal energy to help in curing diseases.

Feng Shui Reiki symbol painting
 If healers in parallel therapies choose art correctly it not only assist in making the space pure and fresh, it also makes the viewers feel good and re-energized.
Office Business Lobby Reception Area Feng Shui Art
 Feng Shui Modern decor 8 Tips for choosing and Buying art for clinics hospitals and healer therapy rooms-
1) Go with your profession and aims. Try to choose art that will blend with your room clinic decor.
2) Avoid very large sized over powering paintings on any subject.
3) Hang art in the seating areas and reception areas to help patients to soothe and heal , reduce and neutralize negative energy , as they enter your clinic rooms.
4) Activate Feng Shui East, health and  relationships sector. You will see faster healing results.
5) For the physician it is best to choose wall art that have symbolic significance , if they want to hang paintings behind their chair. Must not be overpowering for the patients who sit in front of you.
6) Even if you have the modern decor try to avoid very harsh lights and elaborate frames for your wall paintings.
7) Yes we love bold, bright colorful modern abstracts, but not for clinics and hospitals. Try to choose muted subdued colours and lay more importance on the symbolism and significance of your wall art.
8) Another important tip would be to understand the specialization in medical fields and thus choose feng shui symbols accordingly to see beautiful healing results. That is Pediatrician, Cardiac specialists, ENT specialists, Psychiatrists etc. Activating special sectors and combinations brings in more faster results in your patients , and also attracts good name and reputation , of course, wealth is a byproduct of healing.

Healing Reiki symbol Modern Art for Clinics Hospitals Physicians Rooms
Healing Spiritual  Painting

Reiki symbol painting

God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
Wishing Each One of You a Merry Christmas and Have a Great 2017 Ahead!
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