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Thursday, December 1, 2016

15 Modern Interior Decor ideas with Healing Power of Art with Photographs Symbols of Love Abundance Happiness

Fortunate Blessings , Green living room Statement Art

 15 modern decor ideas, with contemporary healing paintings. not only do they uplift the energy of every space, they also heal!Modern symbolic abstract paintings blend with any decor and also are great conversation pieces for any room. With some fresh happiness of finding a home for a cubism abstract, the Bass Guitarist, an Awesum couple in US, Thanks a Lot!
Sharing 15 modern decor ideas to add up art, healing art with style and elan!
1) Statement pieces, any living room would do with a large canvas arty piece, absolutely stunning!
Circles of Wisdom Divider Room
 2) As divider walls. great to add up spiritual paintings that not only bring great Feng Shui healing energy but also act as dividers without producing sharp shar energy.
Fantastical Dreams Above Fire place
 3) the fire place, an interesting corner , lovely warmth, can do with a beautiful healing painting. The winter warmth along with dream art.
All Encompassing Vase Study Room
4) Study rooms need not be quiet and boring. Add some special symbolic art to not only bring focus to life goals but also bring in feng Shui energy for educational luck.
Feng Shui Fan of Happiness Guest room
 5) Guest rooms and additional rooms that are left simple, can have elegant healing art. Which will keep the Feng Shui energy balanced and in harmony with your home.
Mehfil, Music room
6) Music rooms are so wonderful, with instruments, music systems and what more ,add up some special artworks for the music room walls! adding up the glamour quotient!
7) Bed head rest, a place usually used for confusing artworks, check the feng shui energy and choose art carefully.  Power and healing energy , as you get the support of heaven and earth luck, with healing symbolic art.
Contemporary spiritual Paintings Bed Head rest 
 8) Children's room can be activated with Feng shui paintings for not only educational luck but also dreams and ambition luck.
Ambition luck Music room 
9) Meditation rooms, spiritual rooms, usually I advise to activate the north east for this energy. self realization, clarity of goals, if  possibles add up some spiritual paintings. They will not only help relax but also refresh you at the beginning of each day!
Spiritual  Paintings Meditation room
 10) Special conversation areas and corners. The two chairs need not be left alone! add up some interesting healing paintings or a collection of artworks to keep the energy active.
Special rooms

 11) Inside the Entrances are always neglected! we usually hang name plates and put some plants outside the main door. The inside after entering has great Feng Shui energy to neutralize negative energy from coming in. add up some healing art on console tables and side tables.
Evil Eye Protection Near Entrance
12) The bedroom seating arrangements are always added as after thought. While the master bedroom, the bed takes prominent part, do also remember to add up some special artworks for the seating areas in bedrooms. This will help balance the energy in the whole room as well as bring in healing energy for relationships and activating happy marital luck.
Everlasting Love Table Art
 13) Reception lobby and Entrance areas can also be activated with special symbolic paintings. Large spaces need large artworks to keep the energy activated and it is proved that feng shui energy activated can bring in great business as well as opportunities luck.
Office Reception Area
14) bedroom side tables where mobile phones and electronic gadgets rule now can do a lot of wonders to your relationships with some side table small healing paintings.
Two Happy Hearts Bedroom  Table Art
15) Special View Rooms that open to the sea or gardens also need to be in harmony with the home.
Modern Abstract Symbolic
Adding some great spiritual art helps keep the energy  in harmony and balance. Condos and Small studio rooms can be transformed into magical spaces with some spiritual art.
There are so many ways to add up some healing energy into your lives and also share the happiness by gifting a healing artwork to friends and family!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, going along with some childhood Santa Christmas Magic fantasies! view my latest painting Magical Sky!
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